About us


Your honest partner in the farrier industry, always; that is Kahn Forge.

Located in Orange county, California. The owner,Jason Yang established the Rayguang Horseshoes brand which has been manufacturing horseshoes and farrier tools since 1999. We registered the brand Kahn Forge, Inc. in 2015 as a reference to Genghis Kahn of the Mongolian empire.

We have been manufacturing many styles and sizes of horseshoes for over 16 years now, drop forging with the high quality raw material. Every year we invest in the newest machines and highest technology. Improving the production technology is incredibly important to us. State of the art equipment is the first step to supplying the highest quality products to the market. A great team is our guarantee to controlling the excellent quality of our products. All of our shoes are suitable for Standardbred, western, work, English horses, and all other equine activities. Our shoe designs can save you time with elements we consider more “pre-work” for farriers.

All of our farrier tools have been tested long before they came onto the market. Kahn Forge Round Head tongs were tested for 7 years, clinchers 3 years and nail puller for 3 years. We have a great selection of tools that carry a lifetime guarantee. Our tools were designed for comfort and efficiency; save time, save money.

Doing our best to support the farrier community, Kahn Forge and Farriers, Partnering for success! Kahn Forge attaches great importance to every detail and we listen to all feedback from customers. We have set up the Facebook page Kahn Forge Farriers as a place for support and discussion to help farriers excel at their craft.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank Sam Head for all of his help designing, and testing our range of tools, Jason RoTramel for his excellent contributions and suggestions in the development of Kahn Forge. Dee Brown and her friend for searching for a warehouse for Kahn Forge and I would especially like to thank my family for their support of Kahn forge.

Your sincerely,

Jason Yang