Premier Front 8mm - TC
Premier Front 8mm - TC
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Product Code: KF11700
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High quality drop forgint technology  Item no. US size Toe to heel (mm) Width (mm) Section (mm) Permieter (mm) Clip Nail Fitted
Designed for training of racing horses, barrel horses KF11704 4x0 112 114 18x8 290 Toe Clip E3
Concave groove KF11705 3x0 118 120 18x8 320 Toe Clip E3
Strong clips, Special designed nail holes KF11706 2x0 124 126 19x8 336 Toe Clip E4
Sole relief, bevel edges on heels KF11707 0 130 132 19x8 354 Toe Clip E4
Hand polished, Toe Clipped KF11708 1 134 138 19x8 369 Toe Clip E4





Posted by Jason Yang
Posted Date April 9th, 2016
Comments Can be fitted very well, can be used for cold shoeing or hot shoeing, nice shape, save more times for me.



US Sizes 4x0 3x0 2x0 0 1
International Sizes 0 1 2 3 4
Shoe Box 30 Pairs per box
Weight Box (Lbs) 9.92 10.36 11.68 12.30 12.96


All the pallet is covered with black plastic, Wrapped tightly with clear plastic shrink wrap, strapped to the pallet with at least 2 plastic straps.